Jeannie Bottle
photo © Joelle Archer used by permission

Jeannie Bottle

Your Artcar of the month for February 2012

The Jeannie Bottle artcar began as an idea that kicked around in the back of Kelly Blakley's head for over a decade.  It was way back in 1996 when I had the idea for the artcar, but it wasn't until 2008 that I finally was able to make it happen.

The Jeannie Bottle has been a staple of artcar events in Houston since it made it's debut in the 2008 Houston Artcar Parade.  When Kelly and the Jeannie Bottle come out to play they are usually accompanied by a phalanx of other Jeannie's and a few Major Nelson's too.

Kelly submitted a impressive list of people who helped her bring her Jeannie Bottle vision to life.

  • Eileen Allan ; Glue Master Jeannie (did amazing amounts of gluing plus much more)

  • Kelly Blakley ; Belle  (responsible for granting all wishes plus much more)

  • Mary-Jane Buschlen – Jeannie Benefactor (donated 1991 wrecked Volvo station wagon & studio workspace plus much more)

  • Kelly Castator ; Master of Power (calculated power usage & constructed battery configurations, also responsible for keeping the peace plus much more)

  • Kim Enloe ; Guru Genie (random acts of kindness & also peace keeper, plus much more)

  • Joe (JoMama) Haden ; Jefe Genie (Project Manager and Punch List Manager, made the whole thing happen & generously infused lots & lots of his talent & creativity)

  • Matt Hurr ; Major Nelson & Music Master (compiled our music for all the events plus much more)

  • Joelle Archer; Queen Jeannie Worker Bee (purple-ized the first paint job plus much , much more)

  • Mik Miano; Master Welder Genie (Made the whole thing happen with his welding genius)

  • Shannon Pendergrass; Jeannie SHA-Nannie (choreographed the Jeannie Dance on skates, sewed fancy pillows & designed the first ceiling and overall constant support plus much more)

  • Jesse Philips; Jefe Helper Genie (sawing & endless grinding plus much more)

  • Kelli Schroeder; Mistress of all the STUFF (managed the space & all the items therein as well as unwavering support plus much more)

  • Randy Sherer ; Super Safety & Sound Master (managed all of our safety concerns & installed music system plus much more)

  • Steve Ying ; Master of Light & Smoke (installed lights & made them work plus much more)

  • Magical Jeannie Helpers: Sherron Southworth, Liz Richter, Veralisa Waterwall, Isabel Jackson-Alvarez, Ella Enloe, Madeleine Castator, Mishele Pendergrass, Lacey Crawford (painted the new sexy, expressive Jeannie belle eyes)

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