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Artcars - My Anti Crack


Way back in 2003, at the very first artcar event I ever attended, a symposium held at the Media Center of Rice University, I took a series of photographs of the artcars on display. It was my first time [more...]

2 Months to Parade


The 27th Annual Houston Artcar Parade is exactly 2 months away. Oh boy, what an exciting time it is for anyone who loves artcars. When Spring has sprung in the Artcar Capital of the World it can't be long [more...]

A Dog's Eye View of an Artcar Parade


In one of the strangest discoveries in our search for artcar news we came across the photostream of Flickr user Markiep00, which consist of dozens of photographs, all of which are the decorated wheels [more...]

What Happens when one successful Engineer Switches Careers


Seattle sculpture artist Kim David Hall, creator of Amphibitron, a metal plated and rivited artcar that he has been cruising around Seattle in for over a decade has been profiled on PIE, a human interest [more...]

How is the World Today? Honda's Answer Might Surprise You


While watching the football playoffs this past weekend at the Artcar Nation headquarters a few of us were taken aback by an ad for the new Honda Civic Coupe. The ad featured an artcar and a message we [more...]

Bowling for Artocade


Those clever folks in Trinidad are at it again. Leave it to Art Carfunkel and The Earl of Artocade to come up with a clever way to raise funds for their fledgling event. They are calling it Bowling for [more...]

Isaac Cohen Interviews for Docu-Series


The artcar community is all abuzz in Houston because Hollywood has come a callin'. Tim Kava a producer based in Los Angeles representing a pair of entertainment production companies has been hired to scout [more...]

Happy Paul Spana Day


It's Paul Spana Day. Paul Spana is the legendary Chairman of the Houston Artcar Parade committee. So legendary in fact he has a holiday dedicated to him.

Today, January 5 is that day. [more...]

Canadian Tire Ice Truck


Happy New Year from Artcar Nation. Today we bring you the story of the Canadian Tire Ice Truck. What a perfect story for a cold mid winter day.

Canadian Tire, which also sells batteries [more...]

Amy Lynch on Reality Program Abracadabra!


Two Houston production companies have combined their interest and are in the very early stages of developing what they are calling a "documentary series" (read as reality show) based on the world of artcars. [more...]

Artcar Interviews


I was contacted yesterday by a television production company out of Los Angeles that is interested in creating a documentary series about artcars. We'll be talking more about that later. They asked me [more...]

Everybody Loves Avocado


That's the tagline to a new commercial for the Turkey, Bacon and Avocado sandwich at Subway. And I couldn't agree more. In fact I'm pretty sure I have all of those things in my refrigerator right now. [more...]

Frozen Peas


Happy Boxing Day everyone, or as we in the United States call it, national leftover day. Now before I go make myself a turkey sandwich I want to remind you all of your promise to start eating healthy after [more...]

Bada Bing, Bada Boom Meet Viv Your Friendly City Cafe Waitress


Wendy Tippens is a gregarious eccentric who drives a sparkly artcar around Chattanooga Tennessee. Her daily driver artcar, the sparkly Love Van is decorated both inside and out with shiny baubles. [more...]

Vancouver is Awesome thinks Gypsy Mermaid is Awesome


Vancouver is Awesome is a lifestyle magazine in, well, Vancouver of course. The mag contains a segment called The People Project. They sent their reporter Tallulah out to catch up with our own Gypsy [more...]

Ken Gerbick's Hidden Art Forest in BC


A very nice article about Artcar Artist Ken Gerberick appeared today in MacClean's, a Canadian News website. The article focused on Ken's Forest Installation, a project he began 43 years ago by dragging [more...]

Lynda Farley, Liberty Van Fights for Artcar Rights


To say that Lynda Farley is a little bit eccentric would be an understatement. She has been waging a one woman crusade for years against smoking bans and anything else she perceives as an infringement [more...]

Welcome to My Cab Volvo Artcar Trucks


Over the past 4 years Volvo has been quietly posting "Welcome to my Cab" videos to their YouTube account. The short 2-3 minute videos each show off a different Volvo truck that has been artistically [more...]

Artcars Save Thanksgiving


Back in August things looked pretty bleak for Houston's annual Thanksgiving Day parade. The Houston Festival Foundation, the organization which has hosted the 63 year old event for the [more...]

Flowerman Has Died


Cleveland Turner, aka Flowerman passed away over the Thanksgiving holiday. He was the much beloved "unofficial Grand Marshall" of the Houston Artcar Parade. Riding on a bike brightly decorated with flowers [more...]

Happy Thanksgiving from Artcar Nation


We here at Artcar Nation would like to express our gratitude to each and everyone of our readers. You are why we do what we do and your support is very much appreciated.

With warmest regards [more...]

Artcar in Biography Contest


Halle Halle of Aliston Ontario has submitted the story of her first artcar to the 'Auto'biography contest being sponsored by The Krown "Canada's #1 Rust Control Company." 

Read the [more...]

Interview with Rodney Wood


Rodney Wood, aka Art Carfunkle is an outspoken, charismatic artcar evangelist. Earlier this year he organized Artocade in his hometown of Trinidad Colorado. The event was a success and Rodney and [more...]

One Car Band


One man, who goes by the ominous sounding Mystery Guitar Man on Youtube has turned a Ford Fiesta into a One Man one car Band. He uses pipes ala the Blue Man Group. I'm surprised he didn't blue [more...]

Artcars Gone, but Not Forgotten at Art in the Park


In a case of gone, but not forgotten Bonnie Blue and her Women that Rock artcar has been featured in an article for an event she will not be participating in. This time last year Bonnie took [more...]

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