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Jan Needs Corks!


In the beginning Jan Elftmann created the Cork Truck. She looked upon her work and saw that it was good. The rest of the world agreed and the awesome Cork Truck roamed the streets of Minneapolis and [more...]

Slut (R)evolution in Houston


Award-winning playwright/performer, sidewalk pornographer, accidental sex educator, phone sex operator. (Really. Yes. she still does this when not on tour.) and most exciting of all, Artcar driver Cameryn [more...]

Miley Cyrus, Flaming Lips, Moby, Artcars!


Warning: Not Safe for Work (Strong Language and Nudity)

Miley Cyrus and the Flaming Lips seem like strange bedfellows, but they have made no secret of their love for one another as [more...]

10 Years of Artcars in Tulsa


Charlie Larson is a long time resident of Tulsa and served as this year's chairman of Living Arts Artcar Weekend.

Ten years ago, I spotted my first real ArtCar in a gas station. [more...]

Iconic Longview Skate Car to be Preserved


Longview News Journal has reported [more...]

5 Videos from Tulsa Artcar Weekend


The Tulsa Artcar Weekend X happened a little over a week ago. It was their tenth annual artcar weekend. We haven't heard a lot out of Tulsa since the event so we are going to assume they had a good time [more...]

Artcar Fixture in Portland Beaterville Cafe Closes after 20 Years


Alas, Beaterville is no more! After 20 years as a funky fixture and destination for art car people in Portland, Beaterville Cafe has closed its doors. Founder "Beater Bill" Lockner decided he was finished [more...]

Kinkaid School Kids Artcar Parade


For the second straight year Artcars were a huge part of the Kincaid School Kids Artcar Parade. For the parade, each student created an artcar for themselves. The older kids made their artcars from cardboard [more...]

Patti Paulson Talks her Life as an Artcar Artist and Upcoming Events in MN


Patti Paulson has been traveling the country far and wide in her ridiculously awesome Lipstick Artcar. She had just returned home from the Houston Artcar Weekend when she spoke with Anna Pratt of the Minneapolis [more...]

Bosnian Wooden Artcar


When Momir Bojic, a retired Volkswagen auto worker brought home this 1975 Beetle "I told my wife Nada that I was none too sure exactly what I was going to do with this addition to the household, but whatever [more...]

33 Reasons Why Houston is the Artcar Capital of the World


The 2014 Houston Artcar Parade has come and gone and things are finally starting to get back to normal here in the Artcar Nation World Headquarters. The Houston Artcar Parade is an event without parallel [more...]

Media Roundup 2014 Houston Artcar Parade


The Houston Artcar Parade is the Granddaddy of all Artcar Parades attracting nearly 300 entrants, upwards of 300,000 spectators, and of course every major media outlet in town. We've gathered all of the [more...]

Custom Vans of the 70s


Your faithful Artcar Nation correspondent is a child of the 70s and when he traces the progression of his obsession with artcars he must look first to his earlier obsession with custom vans. "As a child [more...]

Arial View of the Parade


As comedian and movie fan Patton Oswalt recently proclaimed while speaking to a audience at a comic expo, "there's more movie making technology on (an iphone) than George Lucas had when he made Star Wars. [more...]

18 Smilebooth Pictures that Will Make you Smile


There was a Smilebooth photobooth setup at the Artcar Ball. Often times these can be boring affairs, but where artcars are concerned that is rarely the case.

We've selected 18 of our [more...]

2014 Jeff Towns Memorial Award Winner Ben Gibson


Each year since 2010 the Houston Artcar Klub (H.A.C.K.) presents the Jeff Towns Memorial Award to the artcar artists who gives of himself to come to the aid of his fellow artcar artists. This year's winner [more...]

2014 BBBMA Winner Joe Haden


The Brother BrianBryan Memorial Award goes to the artcar artist who "walks the walk and talks the talk of artcars throughout the year." The Brother BrianBryan Memorial Award Winner for 2014 is Joe Haden. [more...]

Behold, the Glitter Shitter!


At the March H.A.C.K. meeting President Nicole Strine made a proposal. She wanted to know what the Klub thought about investing in a trailer mounted porta potty of it's very own. She explained that the [more...]

Maifest Parade in Brenham Texas


Huge crowds lined the streets of Brenham Texas for their 124th Annual Maifest Parade. For the first time in the parade's history, artcars participated. The crowds loved the artcars cheering wildly for [more...]

2014 Brother BrianBryan Award Nominees


The nominations have been counted and the top five have been selected. Now it's time to cast your ballots for this years winner. The award, which the Houston Artcar Klub (H.A.C.K.) has awarded since 2004 [more...]

2014 Jeff Towns Award Nominees


The nominations are in and now It's time to elect the winner of the annual Jeff Towns Memorial Award. To cast your ballot for one of the three deserving nominees contact Houston Artcar Klub [more...]

Excitement Building for Houston Artcar Parade


Excitement levels are on the rise in the Artcar Capital and around the rest of the country as artist and fans gear up for the biggest event of it's kind in the world. In less than two weeks, Allen Parkway [more...]

Artcars - My Anti Crack


Way back in 2003, at the very first artcar event I ever attended, a symposium held at the Media Center of Rice University, I took a series of photographs of the artcars on display. It was my first time [more...]

2 Months to Parade


The 27th Annual Houston Artcar Parade is exactly 2 months away. Oh boy, what an exciting time it is for anyone who loves artcars. When Spring has sprung in the Artcar Capital of the World it can't be long [more...]

A Dog's Eye View of an Artcar Parade


In one of the strangest discoveries in our search for artcar news we came across the photostream of Flickr user Markiep00, which consist of dozens of photographs, all of which are the decorated wheels [more...]

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