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Artcars on the Campaign Trail 2016


Artcars and Politics!

Artcars have a long history of making political statements. While most artcars are content to reside in the world of whimsy, there are others who have something [more...]

Tiles for Smither Park


On Wednesday I found myself on Houston's west side in the upscale Meyerland section of town at a place called The Mad Potter. Tucked away in the corner of a nondescript strip center, it's one of those [more...]

Artcar Gatherings Await You This Year


It seems to me that artcar creators, by and large, aren't joiners by nature. I suppose it's to be expected. After all, that particular personality trait is probably what propels most of us down the road [more...]

Book Review: Arthur Zarr's Amazing Artcar


Arthur Zarr's Amazing Artcar tells the story of a lonely man who kept to himself. He had no friends and his neighbor's barely noticed him. Then one day Zarr picked up an acorn laying in his yard, and in [more...]

Heroes Travels to Tupelo for a Heroes Funeral


In 2010 Isaac Cohen was asked to bring his wonderfully patriotic Artcar Heroes to Tupelo Mississippi to display at the Tupelo Furniture Market. It was there that World War II veteran Billie Hopkins saw [more...]

Artocade is One Week Away


Excitement is building in the artcar nation because Artocade is only one week away!

In only it's 3rd year Artocade in tiny Trinidad Colorado has become the new big thing in artcar festivals. [more...]

Penn Ave. Arts in Motion


For the 4th year, Penn Ave Arts in Motion collides with the Pittsburgh ArtCar Festival to bring a day of free community fun, focused on Art and Mobile Masterpieces! The event takes place on Sept. 19 from [more...]

St. Arnold Brewery Unviels Art Car IPA


Thursday August 6th, 2015 was IPA Day. Also commonly referred to as National IPA Day or International IPA Day. IPA stands for India Pale Ale, a hoppy beer.

Craft [more...]



When the Houston Artcar Parade moved from May to April everyone was excited. Hooray for cooler weather during artcar weekend was the near unanimous cry. No one considered the downside. Namely, that it's [more...]

Getting Children Involved in Artcars with Bonnie Blue


Houston is the Artcar Capital of the World. This is, for the most part, an undisputed fact. This city is home to hundreds, possibly thousands of artcars and the artcar artists who build them. There are [more...]

Maiden Joyride in an Artcar


My Impressions of the Scenic City Art Car Weekend

Ed- The Scenic City Artcar weekend took place over four days in May, culminating with a parade through the streets of downtown Chattanooga [more...]

Houston Artcars, A Long History of Inspiration and Community


A longhorn skull, strings of Christmas lights, hundreds of miniature glass statues, inspirational quotes. song lyrics, and thousands of pieces of hand made dichroic glass completely cover every exterior [more...]

Kristie Odom is a Comic Genius


They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, we're about to get really sincere up in here.

The closest thing we've got, here in the world of artcars, to a celebrity couple [more...]

Reagan News Network


The Reagan News Network is a weekly news program produced by 3rd Floor Productions, the Audio Visual club of Reagan High School in Houston Texas. The show is hosted by Reagan students Cynthia Vela and [more...]

Artcars and Lowriders Parade in Victoria TX


The fourth annual Nave Museum Artcar Parade and Festival in Victoria Texas took place this past weekend. Taking place the weekend following the Big Artcar Weekend in Houston, the Nave Museum Parade features [more...]

House of Blue Grand Opening


Bonnie Blue is an artcar artist well known for her business of painting the faces of famous women on Texas river rocks. Her 'Women that Rocks' have been sold all over the world. They even made a cameo [more...]

Sunflowers for Tim


We at Artcar Nation were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love towards Tim Young during Artcar Weekend in Houston this past week. Our call for folks to display Sunflowers on their person or their cars [more...]

California Artcars Return to Houston


Once upon a time California artcars made up a significant portion of the Houston Artcar Parade. The caravans from the Golden State are legendary in the Artcar Community. Those days have passed into history [more...]

2015 Houston Artcar Parade Winners


The votes have been tallied and the trophies have been awarded. Another Houston Artcar Parade is in the books. Congratulations to all of the winners. Driving an artcar is winning in and of itself. Getting [more...]

Reggie Bibbs, The Living Embodiment of Grace


Kids, gather 'round, Aunt Joanie is gonna tell a little story.

Yesterday I had the singular HONOR of escorting Reggie W. Bibbs and the amazing Just Ask, Foundation Neuro-Fibroma-Tosis art [more...]

Randy Blair, 2015 Brother Bryan Brian Memorial Award Winner


Randy Blair is a relative newcomer to artcars. His first parade was in 2009, but in 6 short years he has gone from newcomer to artcar institution. The man is the living embodiment of the Brother Brian [more...]

Rebecca Lowe, 2015 Jeff Towns Memorial Award Winner


Congratulations go out to Rebecca Lowe, she is the 2015 Jeff Towns Memorial Award Winner.

Rebecca has been an active member of the Houston Artcar Klub for many years. Over the course of [more...]

Sunflower Car Artist Tim Young Has Died


Sunflower Car artist Tim Young Has died We don't know all of the details at this time, but are passing along this message on behalf of his wife Diane Iannucci who wanted to let all of Tim's friends in [more...]

Kimi Bainter Artcar Master of the Macabre


Let's talk about Kimi Bainter for a moment. She's new on the artcar scene, but she's quickly made quite a name for herself. This year she will debut Eyegore II, her her third artcar in three years, and [more...]

Brother Brian Bryan and Jeff Towns Memorial Award Nominations


The membership of Houston Artcar Klub was asked to submit their nominations for the 2015 Brother Brian Bryan and Jeff Towns Memorial Awards. The results have been tabulated and now it's time to vote. There [more...]

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