Knitta, Please! Who Crochet's a Car?


Reported By Paul McRae

When Artcar Nation recently came across a photo of a crocheted Smart Car (Thanks to Dave Major for the tip), we thought it was a fun piece and we wanted to know more about it. So we started looking around for more information (Thanks to Greg Phelps for helping send us in the right direction) and were surprised by what we found. 

Photo by StartTheDay

This crocheted Smart Car artcar was the work of Magda Sayeg, an artist out of Austin Texas, who is considered to be the "Mother of Yarn Bombing." It was part of the Il Lusso Essenziale show she did in Rome in 2010.

In addition to the Smart Car Magda has yarn bombed other moving vehicles in other parts of the world. She yarn bombed a city bus in Mexico City. She yarn bombed a travel trailer in Marfa Texas. She yarn bombed a scooter and side car in Bali. Most recently she yarn bombed a Mini Cooper.

Photo by Cesar Ortega.

Photo by Magda Sayeg

Photo by Caitlin Stevens

Photo by Insight51

Can't wait to see what she yarn bombs next.

Here's an artsy video of the scooter in Bali

Check out Magda's other projects at her website:
(be careful, that home page could give you a seizure)

Oh and before we go, how about this, that Smart Car up there, it's not the only one of it's kind.  Some other knitters out in Sonoma California did a yarn bomb on a Smart car last July 4th.

Check it out

Photo by KnitBranch

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